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Assorted Face Masks

R90.00 incl. VAT per twin pack

Pleated Masks (Bulk)

R25.50R46.00 incl. VAT per mask
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Gauged Masks (Bulk)

R23.50R43.50 incl. VAT per mask

Gauged Masks (Bulk)

R23.50R43.50 incl. VAT per mask

These 3 layered fabric masks are washable & can be manufactured in almost any colour with your branding if required. The outer layer fabric has a hydrophobic finish.

*minimum order of 100 units.
*free delivery in Cape Town for orders of 1000 units or more.
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Bulk Pricing:
Quantity Unbranded Branded
100 - 499 R38.00 R43.50
500 - 999 R32.00 R37.00
1000 - 4999 R29.00 R33.50
5000 - 19999 R27.00 R31.00
20000 - 99999 R26.00 R29.00
100000 - 499999 R24.50 R27.60
500000+ R23.50 R26.90

*Please Note:
  • Production time on this product is a minimum of 10-21 working days after confirmation of artwork (vector format), colour, sizes & quantity.
  • For branded masks, a vector format of the artwork will need to be supplied to us. An additional artwork fee will be charged if you require us to convert it the to a vector format for you.
  • These masks are not medical grade and do not claim to prevent infection of airborne viruses. These masks act as an additional barrier and must be used in conjunction with other preventative measures such as personal hygiene, hand washing and social distancing.
  • It is recommended that all masks are washed & ironed before initial use.
  • Please ensure that masks are properly dried before reuse.

Additional Product Information

These masks are designed to be reusable & can be manufactured in almost any colours.

All our masks are comprised of 3 layers:

  • Inner layer is good quality pre-shrunk cotton which is comfortable to wear and is white in colour.
  • Middle layer is a fabric, which acts as additional filter layer, yet does not impede air flow.
  • Outer layer is a polyester layer with hydrophobic (moisture repellent) finish. The outer layer will be branded and a different colour to inner layer. According to WHO, the disease can spread from person to person through small droplets from the nose or mouth which are spread when a person with COVID-19 coughs or exhales, hence the moisture repellent layer.
  • Once the mask has been washed, ironing is recommended as the hydrophobic finish is “rejuvenated” during ironing.

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